About Us

About Us

Plantech Kenya Ltd (2014) is a seedling nursery located in Naivasha Kenya. We propagate seedlings of vegetables, herbs, cut flowers and trees, for growers of all sizes, and throughout all of Kenya.

The company is renowned for being at the forefront of knowledge-based propagation. Its innovative approach that combines horticulture expertise and industry awareness with the benefits of cutting-edge technology results in production of the healthiest plant material.

Our staff has the requisite experience and training to handle a wide variety of plant species. Our greenhouses are equipped with modern heating, ventilation and irrigation systems. We continue to expand and develop our capabilities to meet the needs of our customers.



The Product

To produce and distribute quality seedlings.

The Economics

To operate the company in a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, increasing shareholder value and expanding opportunities for development and career growth for our employees.

The Social

To operate the company in a way that recognizes the positive role that Plantech can play in the community by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life through ethical business practices.


To assist farmers to maximize their returns by providing them with quality agricultural products.

Core Values

The Economics or Excellence – To effectively manage the company in a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, increasing shareholder value, while expanding horizons for career development and employment opportunities.

Customer Focus – Committed to provide our customers with high-value products and service through understanding and responding with effective solutions.

Integrity- To be transparent, ethical and maintain the dignity of each individual.

Teamwork – To support our efforts, working together to achieve a common goal.

Innovation– To encourage freedom of expression, development, and sustainability.