Process of Propagation

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to seedling propagation; we have invested in a sowing machine that sows the seed methodically in the trays. Instead of the commonly used coco peat, we use peat moss as soil; peat moss has higher water retention capacity compared to coco peat.  After watering the seed is ready for germinating room

We use the machine to fill the trays and compact it to create maximum uniformity. The machine can sow a million seedlings of cabbages per day.

After sowing, we move the seedlings to a germinating room where we maintain the right humidity and temperature. This allows the plants to germinate uniformly. Different varieties requires different conditions

From the germinating rooms, the seedlings are taken to the greenhouse, where we have built a very sophisticated and unique system that allows us to minimize on the manpower required to move plants from shade to light by changing the shading at the top.

Seedlings don’t like being moved, every movement has an adverse effect. Our irrigation systems are Italian, top-notch, computer controlled, and programmable. It’s more robot than a computer. It will do what you command it.

After 20 to 45 days, the seedlings are ready and are packed in metal racks still in the trays ready for transportation.