Celosia Caracas

Celosia Caracas blooms from mid-summer to fall. Its lovely pink and purple colored flowers bloom above oval shaped leaves. You can also make wonderful cut flowers of them.

Requirements for Growing Celosia


Celosia loves sun and heat. The optimum temperature for celosia ranges around 64 F – 80 F (18 – 25 ° C) and to obtain abundant flowers, exposure to the full sun is essential.

If growing indoors or on a balcony, find Southern or Western exposure for constant blooms.


Celosia loves moist soil. Although the plant can tolerate short periods of drought but it grows much better when soil remains slightly moist. While watering, remember not to overwater plant to avoid leaf spots, stem rot, root rot and other fungal diseases.


Celosia plant thrives in most of the soil types, but it is better to use soil that is rich in organic matter and drains well. The pH level of the soil required should be around 6 to 7.