Hybrid Sweet pepper Batian F1


  • Variety ideal for growing in the greenhouse or under shade net and also for outdoor production.
  • Excellent production of both GREEN and RED fruits.

Plant features:

  • Medium tall, compact indeterminate plant with short internodes and good fruit setting.
  • High quality blocky fruits (3-4 lobes) with smooth skin.
  • Long production cycle of 6 – 9 months under greenhouse production and upto 4 months under open field production with good agronomy practices.
  • Extra-large green to Red fruits size of 9x8cm weighing 220gm.
  • Maturity: harvesting starts 70 days from transplant for mature green fruits and 90 days for red fruits.
  • Yield potential: Average 60–70 Tons/acre under good agronomic practice.
  • Excellent tolerance to: TOBAMO viruses, pepper mild mottle virus, Potato Virus Y, Bacterial Spot (race 1-2), Tomato mosaic virus.