Growing Rocket

Rocket is very quick growing, Rocket Cultivated Rucola Coltivata is a vigorous, robust plant with pungent leaves. Use as a main ingredient of a mixed green salad to add zest and texture.

Whereto grow:
Since Rocket is a close relative to brassicas, it should not be grown on a site which has been used for brassicas until at least 2 years have passed.

When to grow:
Sow seeds thinly outdoors, about 10mm deep, from March to September and thin plants to 5cm apart or 10cm for larger plants.

From trays or modules harden off and plant out under fleece. Make a hole with a dibber or suitable stick (A piece of an old broom handle is ideal). Place the seedling plug in the hole and firm gently around the roots, water well.

Crop care:
Keep soil moist at all times for best flavoured leaves and to prevent plants from bolting (running to seed). Seed can also be sown in pots on the windowsill for all the year round harvesting of fresh leaves.

Pests and diseases:
Flea beetles can be a problem in the early stages. Use crop covers if necessary.

Plants are best harvested as young leaves or as “cut and come again” salads.


Store in fridge for a few days only.